Network Management

An organizations network infrastructure is the life blood of the computers and applications you utilize to run your business. One of the keys to making sure those vital systems are available is ongoing monitoring and maintenance. This includes your servers, remote site connectivity, anti-virus solutions, disaster recovery, firewalls and security. Contrary to popular belief you can’t just plug them in and forget about them.

As your organization grows and needs change, your servers and network equipment also require changes. Our network management solution takes care of this. You worry about doing what you do best and we’ll make sure your critical systems are available. And when the inevitable occurs such as a system crash, we’ll have the knowledge of your infrastructure to get you up and running quickly.


    network router
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase user productivity
  • Provide for better capacity planning
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase and maintain system peformance
  • Notification of potential issues before they occur
  • Decreased disaster recovery time
  • Reduce unexpected major IT expenses

Network Management Solutions

Our network management solutions include but are not limited to the following:

    • Server monitoring and maintenance:
    • Periodical review of system logs and performance
    • Checking backup status based on schedule
    • Monitor and manage disk capacity
    • File Management
    • Security - Maintain and modify security as needed
    • Operating system patches
    • Application and services updates
    • Setting up new user accounts
    • Password Resets
    • Network Maintenance
    • Management and maintenance of network devices
    • Changes as needed to configurations of network devices
    • Periodic audits of network device configurations
    • Maintain backup copies of device configurations for disaster recovery
    • Maintain and manage corporate antivirus solution deployments and updates
    • Documentation
    • Network Diagrams
    • Hardware inventory
    • Software inventory and licensing compliance reports
    • Maintain documentation of critical administratrive level passwords