server rack

Many businesses want or need the benefits and performance associated with having their own dedicated servers, but don’t have the resources or desire to invest in setting up a server room or hiring IT Staff. Our hosting solution offers you the opportunity to experience the advantages of dedicated servers without the costs and headaches of building out a server room and managing IT staff.

Our hosting solution can be customized to your unique needs. Solutions as simple as just locating your servers in our data center to having us help you select the right application for your needs, spec the server, set it up, then host and maintain it for you in our data center. Whether you’re a small business looking to increase reliability and access to your business apps or a medical practice looking to implement and EHR system we can help.

Is Server Hosting Right For You?

Do you have a secured space with dedictated 24/7 air conditioning?

Do you have a UPS or battery backup system that will protect your system from power surges or crashes?

If the power goes out do you have a backup generator to assure you can access your servers and data?

Is your data backed up off-site in case of disaster?

Do you have staff that can monitor and maintain a server?

If you have answered No to any of these questions you could benefit from our hosting services. We can host your server in our data center with dedicated cooling, UPS battery backup systems, and a diesel backup generator to help ensure your systems are available when you need them.