Help Desk Solutions

Our Help Desk solution addresses the needs of both small and large organizations alike. Utilizing our “Virtual Support Portal” we can assist anyone anywhere. Whether you’re a small growing organization that requires affordable access to technical support or a larger organization looking to off-load the end-user support, this is the solution for you. This solution allows you access to a staffed help desk of trained professionals to answer your questions and resolve your technology problems.

Help Desk Tech


  • Reduce employee downtime: If your staff has a computer problem they call into the help desk and begin problem resolution quickly, no waiting for repair services
  • Pricing is a fixed monthly rate determined by your needs and size of your organization
  • No travel fees or trip charges
  • No consultation fees
  • When you call into the help desk our technicians can control your computer via our virtual support portal; this allows us to see the issues your having while allowing you to watch the problems being resolved
  • Nationwide support coverage for remote offices
  • Reduced costs, pricing lower than that of traditional on-site repair services
  • Our help desk doesn’t go home early, take vacations, or get sick

One of the advantages to our Help desk solution is that the program can be customized to your business needs. Whether your organization requires only technical support for end users and desktops or a full technology management solution, you can get as little or as much assistance as you require. The Help Desk solution includes end user desktop support described below.

Desktop Support:

Help Desk Tech
  • Break/Fix system support via Virtual Support Portal
  • Break/Fix hardware repair via onsite or pick-up/drop-off depending on severity of issue (non-local will be mail-in)
  • Local applications support (applications installed on your PC), advanced usage questions may be considered non-emergent
  • Troubleshooting of Internet Access
  • Access to company network, network applications/services, network peripherals
  • Assistance with applications and peripherals installations (license compliant only)
  • PC Tune ups, Virus and spy ware removal (requires valid anti-virus program and updates)
  • Support for proprietary or industry specific applications, advanced issues may require support from application vendor