Disaster Recovery

Do you have a backup?

Do you have a recovery plan?

diasaster tornado

Backup solutions and disaster recovery plans are a must in any organization whether you’re a home based business or a large enterprise, lost data is costly. Imagine losing several years of work, customer information, patient records, receivables, inventory, etc… such a loss could shut a business down. Even if you already have a backup solution in place have you planned for every type of failure? Below are some questions we use to help organizations determine what type of disaster recovery solutions to employ.

  • What stored information is mission critical?
  • What stored information can be easily recreated
  • How would a system failure affect your business? (i.e. employee productivity, customer relations, legal issues
  • Is this information accessed from multiple locations
  • Do you require access to your data 24/7?
  • What is your current backup solution?
  • Do you store your backup media or equipment offsite? (i.e. a copy of mission critical data is at a seperate location at all times
  • Are you currently monitoring your backup solutions? (i.e. attempted to restore data and verify it can be used)
  • In the event of natural disaster, fire, tornado, flood...do you have a plan?

While these are generic questions and much more detail is needed to formulate a disaster recovery plan it can help address some major issues. You buy insurance in case you get sick; it’s wise to invest in insurance to protect your business. AfterShock Technologies can assist your business in creating a disaster recovery plan that meets your needs while fitting your budget.