Complete Technology Management (Your Virtual IT Department)

Complete Technology Management is a program designed to offer small businesses the technology resources generally only found in larger organizations. Our program offers technical support, technology management, and planning assistance to help your small business succeed.

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  1. Advantages

    • Reduce Costs
    • Increase Productivity
    • Added Convenience

Let’s face it, you require technology to run your business, and you expect it to operate to your expectations. Downtime is not an option, internal management of technology may not be feasible, and you need to remain profitable. That’s where this solution steps in.

  • Cheaper than having your own IT staff in house
  • Average Cost is lower than utilizing on-site repair services
  • No travel fees or trip charges
  • No consultation fees
  • Pricing is a fixed monthly rate determined by your desired level of service and needs
  • Reduced technician learning curves
  • Receive technology planning and management to help you get more for your dollar

Preventing downtime is important, proper planning and management can reduce system failures and increase productivity. However, when the inevitable does happen you need prompt support. Can you wait to schedule an on-site technician?

  1. Increase Productivity

    • Reduce employee downtime: If your staff has a computer problem they call into the help desk and begin problem resolution quickly utilizing virtual technologies.
    • Having experienced professionals monitoring and managing your systems will keep systems and software running at peak performance.
    • Your time and your staff’s time can be spent doing what they do best, rather than trying to manage technology.
  1. Added Convenience

    • Support is Virtual and (on-site when necessary), no breaking down your machines and taking them to a repair shop.
    • No scheduling an appointment then waiting for a tech to show up
    • When you call into the help desk our technicians can control your computer via our virtual support portal; this allows us to see the issues you are having while allowing you to watch the problems being resolved.

Why AfterShock Technologies as your IT Department?

It’s like having a full technology staff at a price that fits your budget and needs. You receive quick/responsive technical support as needed. You get an account manager to monitor your quality of service, access to senior technicians to help you plan for the future and get more use out of your technology investments. In addition, Aftershock Technology also offers web design, network design and implementation, and PC services. We have also developed relationships with companies providing voice communications and cabling to provide “One source for all your technical needs.”

You receive access to a staffed help desk which means that when you need help someone will be there. No need to worry about your “computer person” going on vacation or getting sick. Also, our organization supports customers in several industries with unique business models, this means our staff has exposure to more technology solutions and problems to better support your needs.

Whether you have 2 computers or 100, a cost-effective solution can be designed for your organization. By utilizing experienced technicians and leveraging the efficiency of virtual support tools we substantially decrease the time required to resolve problems and manage systems. Our technicians are also shared amongst many small business customers which splits the cost of the labor. You’re essentially paying for the amount of technician, management, and engineer you require to run your business. This allows us to provide a complete technology management solution at an industry low price.

What do you get?

One of the advantages to our Vsupport complete technology management solution is that we have bundled together all our most popular services and solutions into one cost effective program for the small business. Below you will find more information regarding the services and solutions included.

  1. Desktop Support (includes laptops and portable devices)

    • Break/Fix system support via Virtual Support Portal
    • Break/Fix hardware repair via onsite or pick-up/drop-off depending on severity of issue
    • Application support
    • Internet Access
    • Access to company network, network applications/services, network peripherals
    • Assistance with applications and peripheral installations (license compliant only)
    • PC tune ups, virus and spyware/malware removal (requires valid antivirus program and updates)
    • Support for proprietary or industry specific applications, advanced issues may require support from application vendor
  2. Computer Deployment

    • Have your new PCs and laptops delivered to us, our technicians will maintain a base system configuration and pre-configure your PCs with your applications and settings then setup on-site or deliver to your location (additional charges may apply)
  3. Network Management/Server Hosting (Deluxe Package)

    • Server monitoring and maintenance
    • Periodical review of system logs and performance
    • Checking daily backup status
    • Monitor and manager disk capacity
    • File Management
    • Security - maintain and modify security as needed
    • Operating system updates
    • Application and services update
    • Setup of new users accounts
    • Disabling user accounts
    • Password resets
  4. Network Maintenance

    • Management and maintenance of network devices

      • Changes as needed to configurations of network devices
      • Periodic audits of network device configurations
      • Maintain backup copies of device configurations for disaster recovery
      • Manage and maintain corporate antivirus solutions
    • Documentation

      • Network Diagrams
      • Hardware inventory (includes computers, servers, network devices)
      • Software inventory and licensing compliance reports
      • Maintain documentation of critical administrative level passwords
    • IT Project Management

      • When your organization has plans for expansions, upgrades, moves, or simply considering new technologies our senior technicians will gather necessary information to devise a solid technology plan
      • Act as technical liaison with 3rd party vendors to coordinate IT related aspects of projects
      • Create project plans, timelines, and scope of work (as it applies to IT)
      • Provide pricing for IT labor required, assist with selection of needed hardware and software
      • Provide implementation resources to carry out technology projects (Not included in monthly contract, hourly or project rates apply)
    • Account Management

      • Analyze problem areas (frequent call issues)
      • Provide suggestions for reducing downtime
      • Contact person for any non-emergent technology related questions
      • Annual budget preparation for IT related expenditures for the upcoming year
      • Work with your organization to plan for future growth and technology plans

How can it be affordable?

Our mission with this solution is to provide the small business with the technology support and management services desired at an affordable price. Of course how can a full service technology management solution be affordable?

  • Shared technical staff
  • Sharing of technology resources
  • Diagnosing most problems remotely
  • Utilizing experienced technicians

For example, after analyzing your organizations needs you may determine that you require 1/3 of a technology professional to support your organization. Unfortunately you can’t hire 1/3 of a person. Therefore you can’t justify the cost of such an individual. Perhaps you have identified the need for a full-time individual, however 80% of the work that individual would perform is entry level, and 20% would require a professional with years of experience. You may not want to pay for an individual’s experience that you may seldom utilize. Keep in mind that over time smaller organizations grow very dependant on their 1 “computer person” and that individual does take vacations, can get sick, and may one day leave your organization. Our help desk is always open.

We empower our technicians with the tools and resources to diagnose and repair a majority of your issues remotely and efficiently (less time on the road); this increases productivity while decreasing the cost of each technician. Next we use experienced technicians and leverage their experience for faster problem resolution. This allows us to provide a wide array of services at a lower cost than internal staffing or traditional on-site repair services.

By offering this service to many small businesses we staff appropriately to meet the needs of every customer, this means if you need 1/3 of a technician or 1.5 technicians that’s what you pay for.

What to do next:

Let us help you take your business to the next level, contact a sales representative. Phone: 630-972-TECH(8324) or Email: