Template Development and Modifications

Template Development

When it comes to healthcare there is rarely a one size fits all solution, and the same is true for an EHR system. NextGen provides specialty specific templates as part of their Knowledge Based Module. But the key is how closely a system can compliment your workflow, and in many cases this requires customizations or even the creation of new templates to fit your clinical workflow.

Our goal is to design templates to improve physician and staff efficiency so that pertinent data is collected in the normal workflow of a clinic visit. We developed a Quality template internally that is intuitive and pulls data already stored in the EHR to reduce the amount of data the physician needed to input to capture relevant quality data. This template was then used as the basis for the Quality template that NextGen currently utilizes for all their customers. Our NextGen certified team can help you achieve clinical efficiencies beyond that of the out of the box product. Contact us today to find out how we can enhance your EHR.

Below are some examples of Templates we have developed or modified for use in NextGen EHR:

Template Development:

  • PQRI Template – Designed to track key quality measures including CAD, CHF, Lipid Management, Diabetes Screening and Smoking Screening/Cessation
  • Amiodarone Flow Sheet – Used to monitor lab testing, chest x-rays, eye exams, ECGs, Pulmonary Function and Drug Levels for patients on Amiodarone
  • Heart Transplant – Used for patients that have had heart transplants to track dates of Drug Levels and Goals, Labs, Testing, eye and dental exams
  • MPI – Allows physicians to report nuclear studies directly from the electronic health record and auto abstracts pertinent clinical findings

Template Modifications

  • Patient Contact –Fields added to track attempts to contact patient, private notes between physician and staff, and easy access to Lab results
  • RN Communicate – Modifications include changes to Physician recommendations, pop up templates to track private notes and additional information, ability to view appointments and call attempts
  • Coumadin – Customized to submit Incident 2 billing information, section added to monitor dosages that are held, and appointment dates automated to create 1 template that allows for documentation and billing of a Coumadin visit