Perfomance Analysis

Performance Chart

One of the struggles many practices face with their electronic health systems is maintaining performance. Physicians have little tolerance for staring at an hour glass, while trying to manage their patient load. Over time as your practice grows and more data is added to the system you may see performance degrade. Or perhaps you recently did a software upgrade, customizations, or made a change in workflow that have affected the overall performance of your EHR. Whatever the case may be, if your system isn’t performing to expectation, over time it will likely get worse.

Let us help you find the cause of your performance issues and get you back to practicing efficiently. Below are some of the ways in which we can help determine where your performance bottle necks are occurring.

  1. Problem Evaluation

    • Work with clinical staff and administrators to identify the problem areas. Help to determine if the problem is system related or hardware realted. Determine if other applications and systems on the network are also experiencing performance issues.
    • Evaluate software usage to determine if a process or part of the application is not being used as it was intended.
  1. Validate System Specifications

    • Investigate equipment and software to make sure that the current utilization of the system at least meets the vendors recommended minimum specifications.
    • In many cases manufacturer recommended specs are not sufficient, we can use our experience with EHR systems to evaluate the true needs and demand of the system.
  1. Network and System Analysis

    • Evaluate the technical infrastructure as a whole to determine if any component of the infrastructure could be the performance choke point such as storage, servers, networking, or interoffice/internet connectivity
    • Look at other applications and systems on your network that may be having unintended consequences on your EHR system, such as security software or policies, backup software, or integration with a 3rd party application.
  1. Problem Resolution

    • After a detailed analysis, whatever the cause, we can provide you with a proposal to rectify the situation. Whether it’s as simple as shutting down an unnecessary 3rd party application, improving database performance or a complete network overhaul, we can help.