In the world of electronic healthcare everyone is talking about interfaces, HIEs, and interconnectivity between systems. The unfortunate reality is that no two systems speak alike, though standards for communication such as HL7 are prevalent, the messages sent over HL7 between systems need to be translated for your specific system. This is when you need a specialist to program that interface for you. Whether you want an interface to order and receive labs, exchange information with your local hospital, or connect to an HIE, we can help.

Interface Expertise:

  • Experience with interface engines such as Rosetta (interface engine used by NextGen), and Mirth
    1. Uni-directional
    2. Bi-directional
    3. Message creation/mapping
  • CCD-Continuity of Care Document
  • CCR-Continuity of Care Record
  • Equipment interfaces
    1. EKG
    2. Vital sign monitors
    3. Treadmills
    4. Spirometry
  • PACS Interfaces
    1. Connect your EHR with your PACS solution