EHR Implementation

EHR Implementation

Implementing an electronic health record can be very painful. And finding a Healthcare IT vendor that has both technical and clinical expertise is nearly as difficult. Our staff has experience managing multi-specialty practices and understands how an EHR can impact your office operations. Pre-implementation is the most critical component to a successful EHR implementation. Utilizing our combination of expertise we can assist you with strategies for abstracting, scanning, and even customizations to compliment your clinical workflow.

Clinical Workflow Analysis

  • Work with clinical staff and physicians to understand their current workflow and processes
  • Understanding the current workflow and any anticipated or desired changes is key to designing the technical solution

Technical Analysis

  • Investigation of current technical infrastructure and performance issues
  • Compare workflow analysis to results of technical assessment to determine if current IT infrastructure is suitable for an EHR system implementation

Solution Design

  • Use the workflow, technical analysis, and discussions with practice administrators to design a plan of how the EHR system will be used within the practice, this will determine the system requirements, any infrastructure changes needed, and the type and location of end user devices
  • Determine hardware/software specifications and create recommended equipment and software list with approximate pricing to assist with procurement or as a decision tool. Also include any costs associated with required IT infrastructure upgrades. Determine total implementation labor and involvement.
  • Create project plan and timelines

Decision Point

  • Meet with customer to present details of implementation plan, covering workflow, equipment and infrastructure needs, training, and timelines
  • Determine if customer will benefit more from cloud, hosted, or onsite implementation


  • Perform IT infrastructure changes if required, install equipment and software onsite if needed
  • We can perform all installation services, or work with your internal IT or preferred IT vendor
  • NextGen installation and testing
  • Perform any necessary customizations to NextGen Software
  • Perform testing and validation of configuration
  • Client and peripheral setup
  • We can install and configure client devices such as PCs, tablets, scanners, bizcard readers or work with your internal IT or preferred IT vendor


  • Train all staff on how to use the application for clinical operations
  • Train specified individuals to be internal experts that can assist other staff and new employees
  • Train IT staff or preferred IT vendor on maintaining the system if needed

Pre Go-Live

  • Identify criteria for scanning and abstracting
  • Develop process for tracking completion of abstracting and scanned data
  • Evaluate electronic workflow plans


  • Onsite Support and Training during go-live phase
  • Ensure that all pre go-live planning is implemented as planned
  • Modification of processes that may not have worked as planned
  • Customization of templates to simplify or compliment process changes if needed
  • Monitoring and reporting to validate processes and standards are being followed as anticipated