EHR Hosting

EHR Hosting

AfterShock Technologies offers hosting for your EHR servers. We also offer hosting solutions on our own infrastructure through our Cloud EHR solution.

Health Records In The Cloud

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • Dedicated A/C

  • Battery Backup System

  • Backup Generator

  • Continuous Offsite Data Mirror

  • Point In Time Backups

  • Server Monitoring

Is EHR hosting right for you?

When your practice is ready to invest in an EHR there is a lot of IT infrastructure, time, money, and IT staff required to maintain a reliable environment. Now that the paper charts are not in your file room, having access to your data 24/7 is essential. Hosting a server room on your own requires dedicated secure space, server racks, servers, storage, network equipment, power, backup batteries, dedicated air conditioners, backup generators, and IT staff to assure your can provide the level of service expected by your patients. AfterShock Technologies can eliminate these problems and help reduce your startup costs by placing your servers in our data center. If your capabilities change, this solution allows for you to easily move your systems in house if so desired.

Our hosting solution can be customized to your unique needs. We can simply locate your servers in our data center or help you select the right EHR, assist with installation, and provide hosting and maintenance in our data center. Whether you’re a looking to increase reliability and access to your EHR servers or are just starting the search for an EHR system, we can help.