EHR Reports

One of the key reasons for moving to electronic health records is reporting capabilities. The difficult part for most organizations is getting that data back out in a usable format. Most systems have a set of pre-built reports that can be run right out of the box. But the reality is that the information you are looking for may not be in that box of canned reports, or you may be looking to see that data in a different way. Whether you are looking for reports to satisfy new government requirements, improve your practices cash flow, or improve patient care, we can design custom reports to fit your needs.

Below are some examples of custom reports we have created for NextGen EHR/PM:

  • Tracking the number of Unfinished Office Visits per physician
  • Controlled Substance Audit to ensure appropriate dispensing of narcotics
  • Patients with EF < 35% and no devices
  • Self Pay Collection reports to assist staff in collecting money at the time of service
  • Downstream Revenue
  • Top Referring Physicians
  • Referrals at Risk
  • Medication Renewals without an Office Visit within 1 year
  • Coumadin INR's In and Out of Range
  • E-Prescribe tracking

We would be happy to develop custom reports to meet your practice needs.