Cloud EHR

EHR Hosting

Health Records In The Cloud

  • Predictable Costs

  • Flexiblity

  • Stability

  • Redundancy

  • Backups

Today everyone is talking about cloud solutions. Essentially it’s a way for you to store data and access applications over the web without the need for on-site servers, storage, and applications. This allows you to access the technology solutions you need on a subscription basis, rather than the large upfront and ongoing costs of setting up solutions in house. Aftershock offers hosted electronic health records, practice management (billing/scheduling), and document imaging using Nextgen Healthcare ( This allows our clients to transition into electronic health records without the upfront costs of servers, network equipment, licensing, IT staff, and data center build out costs.

Why Cloud EHR?

Predictable Costs

  • The costs to setup and manage a healthcare system internally are difficult to forecast. There are large expenditures for equipment, licensing, and staffing, plus the ongoing need for continuous upgrades and maintenance. With our solution you will know what your costs will be from month to month to allow you to better manage your cash flow.
  • Pay for what you need, rather than what you may need later. Rather than building a solution to account for potential needs, we can build a package to cover today’s needs. And as your practice grows we can expand your package with your practice, allowing you to better manage costs.


  • Remote access is inherent with our solution; you can access your health system anywhere. Whether you are at the office, at the hospital, or at home, you have full access to your patient information.
  • As your practice needs change we can change with you, perhaps you need to interface with your local hospital, or need some customizations to better match your workflow. Through custom engineering we can modify the Nextgen solution to fit your needs.


  • You want to minimize downtime to your healthcare system as much as possible. Most practices don’t have a suitable data room or creating one may not be feasible. Managing system backups and keeping data offsite can be costly.
  • Many factors can prevent you from accessing you data. We work to significantly reduce those risks by employing the use of servers, storage, and network equipment with redundant components to reduce the risk of downtime through common component failures. Provide 24/7 cooling to keep equipment running at optimal temperatures. All equipment is connected to battery backup and surge suppression systems to reduce the risk of equipment failure or data corruption due to improper shutdown, and we have a diesel backup generator to power our data center during power outages.


  • Redundancy and backups are a costly necessity when it comes to managing electronic health records. These services are provided when using our cloud solution.
  • We have a double backup of your data, traditional disk to disk to tape method. Providing for point in time data recovery. But we also provide continuous mirroring of data to an off-site location to standby servers. This means in the event of a significant disaster, there are a set of servers ready with your data on them, that we can bring online quickly and keep your practice moving.

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